Restore your natural settings.

Get back to being you.

On the day you were born you were a blank slate. You were not yet imprinted with any sense of right and wrong, good or bad. You were just pure joy.
But now you’re an adult and you find yourself challenged by things that you’d like to be different. You know it’s possible to make a change or improve from where you are yet something’s not quite clicking.

What’s happening is that your brain is stuck in a loop of something you learned to believe about yourself a long time ago. You are out of tune with this present moment and listening to the static of a station from a town you drove through early on in your journey.

Tuning sessions work to clear your mind of life’s distractions and get you back into alignment with who you know yourself to be underneath all of the static.

Our work is to restore you to your natural, joyful and ever possible self, allowing you to rewrite the rules of how you get to be in your world.

Whether you need to make a change, get better at something, create a masterpiece or find your purpose in this vast universe, our work together in these sessions will help you rediscover the magic you were gifted with the day you were born.

Single session rate:
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Benefits of Tuning:

• Relieve stress
• Change behaviors
• Get clear and focused
• Get grounded
• Think better
• Discover meanings and truth
• Break through blocks
• Improve relationships
• Get healthier
• Get happier

Why do this?

Get out from under overwhelm.  Clear your head.  Restore your sensibilities.

Specialized for:

• Actors
• Writers
• Musicians
• Filmmakers

Session specs:

• 60 minutes
• Via phone
• Confidential

For best results:

• Be in a quiet place
• Have a notebook/pen with you
What to expect:
Sessions feel just like really good conversations... all about you.
Ever curious, never judging. Something's happening in your world that needs to be better understood. I work to help you get clear on what that is and then guide you towards your innate resources to empower your change making process.

At times throughout our sessions I will ask you to pause, close your eyes and follow along. Call it hypnosis, guided visualization, soulful journeying or something magical, but there's a science of mind that we'll be exploring to help you get out of whatever loop you're running and back onto your path of certainty.

These sessions range from feeling whimsical, to challenging, to restorative and relaxing. We go where the moment takes us, allowing for an organic experience. The process is never rushed and your interests always lead the way.

My job is to listen, organize, structure, inspire and guide you back to your core strengths. - You just get to be you.

Build momentum and results...

Personal Development Program:
Four, consecutive, weekly Tuning Sessions
Fee: $850

• Accelerated progress
• Continuity
• Structure
• Partnership
• Progress tracking
• Priority scheduling
• Email/text support
• Free LifeCare Membership/Classes and Audio Programs during the program.

The Personal Development Program is limited to 4 consecutive weeks. If you are unable to commit to one session per week for the next four weeks please schedule individual sessions instead.

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