LifeCare Membership

Personal care sessions.
Ongoing support.
Joyful savings.

What's the what?

Everyone needs a little support every now and again. But we forget.

We paint ourselves into corners and then get looped into limited thinking. Stress creeps in. Mojo breaks down. Time and energy get wasted. (sigh)

I’ve created this membership program to help keep you on point.

Not only will you gain immediate access to individual session savings AND my sliding scale, Karma Support rates (check them out below), but you’ll also be getting serendipitous mental refreshments, tips and insights to help keep your head clear and your mojo tuned.

You’re here for reason.
Let’s make sure it happens.


What you get:

Immediate benefits:
SESSION SAVINGS ($35/session)
KARMA SUPPORT (save up to $145/session)
Invitation to the INNER SANCTUM
Help shape the content for future programs and classes.

Future benefits: 

Weekly, LIVE, Q&A/Tune Up Webinar
LifeCare Audio Programs
Mini Mental Refreshments (audio programs)
Weekly meditation classes
Monthly LIVE hypnosis workshops
LIVE NLP/brain training sessions
Class replays and archives.
Reserved blog content
…and more.

ALL will be included with your monthly membership.

Easy and enjoyable:

• You sign up, you get access to benefits, immediately.
• You’ll be linked straight to the LifeCare Member’s portal.
• Self schedule your own appointments, 24/7.
• Schedule unlimited Member Rate sessions.
• Schedule up to 2 Karma Support/sliding scale sessions each month.
* Access your member account to adjust your personal info and review your account at any time.
• Get email reminders each month to help you take advantage of your member benefits.

Simple rules:

• This is a recurring, monthly membership program that will bill automatically.
• Your member benefits are for you, only.  Client substitutions are not allowed.
• Session scheduling is subject to availability.
• No long term commitments.  Cancel anytime prior to next billing.


Coaching Calls: $160

Non member rate: $195.00

KARMA SUPPORT: $95 or $50

Choose what feels right for right now.

Tuning Sessions: $210

Non member rate is $245.00

KARMA SUPPORT: $150 or $100

Choose what feels right for right now.


The LifeCare Membership is only $21 per month.
This is the membership launch rate.  As benefits are added the monthly fee will go up.  Signing up now will keep your rate the same no matter how many great benefits get added.  Nice, right?  (Even if you only ever do one personal session a month, you’ll still come out ahead.)
Still thinking about it?

Is this for you?

Yes, if...

1. you've got something that's ready to change.
2. you believe a little help can expedite your process.
3. you like paying less and getting more.

Why sign up now?

Best rate ever!

The membership rate will be going up to $47/month once all the features and benefits are in place.

Signing up now will keep your monthly agreement the same for as long as you choose to stay active with me. AND... by signing up now, before all of the features are in place, you'll also get Launch Member status. (This will come with additional gifts, and privileges, down the road.)

Don't hesitate. Smile. Your world is beautiful.

A note from Myke


Of course I want you to do this. Because I want you to stay clear in your mind and active in your self care. Yes, you can do this on your own. But every day that goes by that you don’t, you're creating momentum for 'not doing.'

I want to help you keep your momentum in the direction for staying vibrant and making progress. This little membership experience will make a difference.

Trust your instincts. Say yes.
There is much joy here.

No commitments

The LifeCare Membership is here to help you stay sharp and live better.  You call the shots.  Enjoy the session savings and additional benefits for as long as you’d like.
There are no commitments.  Only joys.

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