What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a stimulating, and insightful partnering to keep your mind free of distractions and your brain power pointed where it’s of most value so you can reach your goals faster.
Life is filled with shiny, interesting things and your brain is naturally curious and eager to explore anything that gets it’s attention.

But, if you’re the slightest bit undisciplined in keeping your focus on what’s really important to your progress, your ability to succeed may become a never ending story.  Add to this the every day influence of your friends, family, coworkers, news reports, advertisements and even your physical environments.  It’s no wonder we can find ourselves swayed without even noticing it happening.

These calls help you navigate life’s shiny little distractions, overcome obstacles, develop new skill sets, boost your brain power, activate dormant resources and accelerate your progress.  You will get better at prioritizing, and caring for, the environment within your mind.

With the consistency of supportive guidance you will stay on point and achieve your goals, faster.

Let’s make that happen.

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Individual session:
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Insight, alignment and support
for staying true to your vision.

Benefits of Coaching:

• Get clear
• Get focused
• Stay focused
• Get accomplished
• Build momentum
• Develop new skill sets
• Develop new thinking
• Be accountable
• Reach new personal levels

Why do this?

When you know what you want and you want to get to it faster.

Specialized for:

• Single Parents
• Students
• Entrepreneurs

Session specs:

• 30 minutes
• Via phone
• Confidential

For best results:

• Be in a quiet place
• Have a notebook/pen with you
• Be ready to work
What to expect:
Coaching calls have a lively, animated feel to them. Although, at times, we may dive into a mini mediative moment, the intention of each call is to advance your progress.

Our conversations on each call are confidential and the space is held for you to openly express your thoughts and feelings about what you're going through. The first step in getting to what you want is in being truthful with what your experience is (at any given moment). There are no set rules for how you must get to your goal but there is a need for you to be willing to do things differently. From week to week our calls will track your progress, guide you through developmental exercises and task you with relevant, independent assignments.

Typical coaching call structure:
Greeting, identify your present moment energy, review progress, work through any challenges, refine your action steps and set the course for what’s next.

Coaching will challenge your status quo, inspire new thinking and encourage your progress.

Stay on path and build momentum...

The Coaching Program:
Program length:
6 months.

• 24, thirty-minute Coaching Call Sessions
• Email and text support between calls

In order for things to change, you've got to change. And considering how it's taken you all of your life to become the person you are now, to affect long lasting change requires consistency in new thinking, focus, action and follow through. These weekly sessions will provide you with guidance, support and encouragement to step your self forward and create the outcome of your interest. (Self esteem/confidence, relationship, mindset, business, performance and further.)

Whether you're working to complete a single project or you're just seeking a new personal level of being, this Coaching Program with me will lift your spirits and step you forward in joyful and empowering ways.

• Weekly reset and focus
• Follow through and accountability
• Goal setting/tracking
• Live, training exercises
• Consistency in purpose
• Skill set development
• Gain momentum
• Esteem building
• Priority scheduling
• Partnership for your progress

The Coaching Program has limited availability and not open to general booking. If you believe this would be the right path for you then please schedule a consultation to discuss the possibility. Thank you.

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RETURNING CLIENTS:  Please request your PROGRAM START link via email.  Thank you.