Know yourself to go all in?

You want maximum benefits and results.  The Advantage Program will serve you well.

Due to it’s highly involved nature, this unique program requires an interview.  Presently waitlisted.

The Advantage Program

Every day action, insight and support.


Life is full.  You’re schedule is packed.  Money is good.  But something more is needed.
Let’s get to work.

The ADVANTAGE PROGRAM blows out the clogged channels in your brain and cuts new pathways through your mind.  Our goal is to shake things up and refocus your vision.  Over the course of 30 days we’ll rewrite your rule book for living.

What do you want?  Why do you want it?  What’s in the way?  What are you good at?  What troubles you?  Where do you need improvement?  If you were living full out, what would that look like?  How would things be different?  These are just a few of the questions we’ll be taking action on.

What makes this program a standout is that we won’t be working together weekly; we’ll be working together DAILY.   That means you’ll get support, encouragement and guidance every step of the way.   It’s like going into partnership in a business that’s all about you.  Imagine the impact this devotion will have on your brain.   The more consistent the new messaging, the sooner it takes root and takes off.

Twice a week we’ll be going one on one for an hour. These are the deep progress days where we’ll really explore, challenge and affect your patterns of thought and behavior. We’ll be discussing your opinions, emotions, experiences and even your dreams. Like spring cleaning for your mind, we’ll be opening all the windows and cleaning out the closets. All other days we’ll be checking in to track progress, resolve conflicts and strengthen skill sets.

The ADVANTAGE PROGRAM gets you to rewrite your rule book for showing up and puts you back in leadership position with your brain.  Ready?


You will receive:
30 days of daily inspiration, alignment, training and support.
Consisting of:
8 scheduled Tuning Sessions.  (2/week)
22  “check in” calls.  (15 minute coaching sessions)
Personalized text reminders and motivators.


This program is ideal for:
Action oriented individuals.


Two (2) sixty minute Tuning Sessions must be scheduled each week.
This program is limited to 30 days, all elements inclusive.
Standard 24 hour reschedule/cancel policy applies.
No extensions, nor refunds for unused time, will be provided.
Program results vary by individual needs, commitment level and complexity of goal sets.


The rigorous engagement of The Advantage Program it is not for everyone.
If having daily support would make a difference in your progress,  then let’s connect.
Schedule an interview to discuss the possibilities.
Availability is limited.  Waitlist presently enacted.




FEE:   $2,075.00


BENEFITS of The Advantage Program


Hold yourself to your highest standards.  Be resourceful and thrive.