I’m glad you’ve found your way here.
Of all the infinite choices on the web, landing here is no small endeavor.  There are no accidents.  To me, it means that you’ve been sincerely looking for insight, care, and support for making something in your world a little bit better than it presently is.  I think you’ll find we’ll be a good pairing.

For nearly 20 years I’ve been devoted to helping smart, creative, insightful and driven people, like yourself, make personal adjustments and life improvements.  Time after time it’s shown clear that every single person, when given unconditional support and encouragement, can quickly prioritize, and tap into, their innate resources to manifest the changes they desire.  Every – single – person.

I’ve built my practice from the ground up, starting with the physical (body work) then to the ethereal (energy work) and finally focusing on the mindful (thought management).  My care is a combination of these three elements to restore you to your original, insight-full identity.  As you relearn to prioritize your self, you become a better leader to your one hundred trillion cells and then able to rewrite the rule book for how you get to show up in your world.

It may not always be easy, but it is always worth it.

You landed here for a reason.

Let’s talk about it…

LifeCare Specialist

Image of Myke Zykoff, smiling, wearing a black t-shirt.

A little background on me...

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York.  My parents were loving and my dad worked hard to make sure we would never be without.  I started working my first job when I was 14 years old.  Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.  I had a love of music (I got it from my dad) and I had a passionate desire to have a stereo system of my own to enjoy the music I liked.  “Working” was the path to achieve my dream.  And so I did. And within a short time I was enjoying my music turned all the way up to 11!

Music was everything to me.  Not as an escape, but a portal.  To this day, when I listen to music I get transported to a world where all things are possible.  There is magic and empowerment woven into the melodies of well crafted songs.  No matter where, no matter when, music can change how you feel and reset your thinking.  Truly awesome.  But I didn’t know all this then.  I just knew it was good for me.

Then, when I was in my late twenties, I lost my mother to breast cancer.  Just awful.  There are no words to adequately describe the pain of watching the person you most love in your world suffer and succumb to such a fate.  How helpless you feel watching someone so strong, alive, compassionate and loving fade away while you, in all of your health, can do nothing.

After she passed, I went rather numb for nearly two years.  The more I had thought through my mother’s life/death experience, the more questions I found myself having.  At the time, I was working in the entertainment industry and having a successful career as a director and producer in the music video genre.  (Working with No Doubt, Sade, Weezer, Dr. John, etc.)  But it all felt rather empty.  Something more was needed.  I felt a calling but was too engrossed in my every day experience to hear what it might be.  Then, during a production hiatus, while sitting quietly on a secluded beach in Tulum, Mexico I heard that call.  I needed to become part of the solution.

I abruptly left the entertainment industry and, within two weeks, began my full time journey into holistic health.

Over the course of the subsequent eight years I studied, physiology, cellular biology, pathology, nutrition, acupressure, qi-gong, alignment, soft tissue manipulation, mind/body dynamics, auric fields, chakras, meditation, massage therapy, structural integration, belief systems, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, coaching principles, therapeutic imagery, energy work, hand writing analysis, and more.  All in the pursuit of understanding, restoring and allowing well being.  My first true mentor was a man named Bill Mueller.  He was a pioneer in the field of massage therapy and taught me about how much information the body stored and how, without having to speak a single word, you can communicate with precision and restore the body back to it’s optimal alignment.

My work with Bill, and my subsequent studies, has led me to this very simple and powerful tenet: Your brain and body are always working in your favor. ALWAYS.  Your system is always communicating with you.   Once you learn how to hear and interpret the messages your innate guidance system is sharing, you then have the ability to redefine your experiences.  This is powerful.

But, if for some reason this concept doesn’t seem to resonate with you, just turn on the radio and find a song that you love.  Sing along.  Maybe even dance a bit.  As you start to smile and feel better you are now leading your mind body connection.  And that’s all you ever need to know.   Healing, and life change work, can really be that simple.

Your being is a design of perfection.  And woven into the fabric of who you are the secrets and answers to living your life in a truly joyful and fulfilling way.  Together we’ll tune out the noise, not so you can escape life’s challenges, but rather so you can transport yourself back into clarity and well being.

Less thinking.
More living.

Much joy…






• 19 years in Private Practice
• Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
• Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
• Certified Master of Therapeutic Imagery
• Certified Practitioner of NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Additional studies:

Vipassana Meditation
Micro Expressions
Handwriting Analysis
Chromatic Therapy
Past Life Regression
Energy Healing


Best of Los Angeles
Healing care/5 years

American Hypnosis Association
Ongoing, annual renewal


Bill Mueller
Louise Hay
Abraham – Hicks
Anthony Robbins
Jean-Luc Godard

Personal Interests:

Pink Floyd/Prince
Radical Honesty