• 18 years in private practice.
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

Healing requires curiosity and kindness.

Every one of us is joyfully unique.  What’s happening on the outside can look familiar but what’s creating it from the inside is rarely the same.

Frustrations, discomforts, set backs and illnesses are merely messages intending to guide you back to your individual path.  I’ll help you decipher those messages and then refresh your line of communication to your brain.

You’re the leader of your experience.  My job is to get you there, and keep you there.


Let’s connect…

How I got to this moment...

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a joyful imagination.  I was a daydreamer and make believer. Music was magic to me.  Every time a favorite song came on, I was gone.  I seemed to travel the cosmos in my head.  And every trip I took I came back with a new perspective, a new way of seeing life, a new way of experiencing who I was.  Over the years this shaped my identity.  I imagined everything as possible, and every day felt like it.

I went to college, focused on film studies and communications, landed two undergrad degrees and headed for Hollywood.  My energy, devotion and enthusiasm quickly led to my success as a music video producer and director. (Radiohead, No Doubt, SADE, Weezer, Dr. John, Maxwell, etc.)   My life was feeling pretty awesome …until I lost my mom to breast cancer.

I was 27 at the time and enjoying the success of my work. She had already been living with breast cancer for about twelve years, cycling between periods of activity and remission.  Through it all she was strong, positive, vibrant and determined. She had a great support team, but from 3,000 miles away, I wanted to help, too.  So, somehow, I stumbled upon, and bought, my very first “self help” book; The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck.  I introduced it to my mom and we would talk about it.  And laugh.  Because, back then, the concept of self care seemed a bit silly.  But those conversations always lifted her spirits.

Many years later, I received a daunting call from her closest friend, “Myke, you need to come home.”   So I went.  But not empty handed.  I brought a new book home with me: “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay.  And once again, we laughed a bit.  The concept of using your thoughts to change your life kind of made sense but still seemed pretty far out to us. Just the same, at that point my mom’s condition was too far gone for her to turn back.  (To my knowledge, then.)   And so it went, my mother’s health declined slowly and certainly and soon she passed away.

I was left confused, lost and disillusioned.  What just happened?  Why does a body die?   Why does a body live?  What makes a body unwell?  What makes a body healthy?  Why are we even here?  Pretty soon, the self help genre became my go to reading choice and with each new discovery, my life path was changing.

After two years of mindful curiosity I woke up to what felt like a calling.  I abruptly let go of my position in the entertainment industry and enrolled full time in holistic studies.

Now, 18+ years later, I consider myself a pragmatic existentialist.  Why we’re here is still a mystery but what we do while we’re here can be defined.  We can direct our thoughts, influence our emotions, choose our experiences and guide our actions.  How we live, while we live, is powerfully up to us.

When I was a kid I imagined everything as possible. Now I’m a grown man and you know what?  I still do.

There is always joy.

Key elements of my sessions...


You are designed to be healthy, joyful and vibrant. Any deviation from feeling awesome is merely a road sign meant to guide you back to where you are better aligned.  So, when we connect, I am listening, not for what’s wrong, but to understand where you are in relation to where your optimal wellness exists.


Life can seem random and the path to what’s wanted unclear. But you got to where you are now with traceable steps. Together we’ll craft a bird’s eye view of your familiar terrain and then map a path for getting you back to certainty and achievement.


Knowledge is only a precursor to power. What you do with it makes the difference. Just like you would adjust the sliders on an equalizer to get the best sound, we now put you in the dj booth for creating the mix you love. When you have the right soundtrack playing in your head, you are powerful.


Once you’re back on track and making progress staying tuned, aligned and on your path is vital. My emails, free classes and extended programs are here for you. Keeping your brain forward focused will keep you one step ahead and skilled for facing new challenges when they arise.  I’m always here in your support.



Repetition blazes new trails.
Like walking through a grassy field, the more that you think a thought or do a thing, the more clear you cut the path and the easier it becomes to walk it.
Your present habits and inclinations, wanted or not, are the result of having chosen them over and over again.  Doing so cut neuro-pathways through your mind and instructed your brain to use them.
A history of “not” being able to do something simply means you have not yet forged that path. That’s it. That’s all an inability is.
To make change you’ve got to begin thinking new thoughts and taking new actions.  Then be consistent about it.
Repetition is the only thing that will stomp down the weeds of doubt and build the clear path to accomplishment.
Anything new can be learned.  Any behavior can be changed.  –Your brain is ready.  It just needs to be shown the way.

Be encouraged.  Science has proven that you can change.  All you may need is the guidance to retrain your brain.

You’re in the right place.

Education and Insights...


NLP Comprehensive  ’09

HMI College of Hypnotherapy  ’06

Lionheart Institute ’05

Mueller College of Holistic Therapies ’03

Mueller College of Holistic Therapies ’01

Emerson College ’88



Alex Grey

M. Scott Peck

Louise L. Hay

Bill Mueller

Anthony Robbins


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