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FREE CONSULTATION 20 minutes telephone

Objective: Get answers and understanding for how we will achieve progress on your goals.  

This call gives us the opportunity to talk and through your most immediate concerns and get to know each other a bit. I'll answer any questions you may have and provide a few immediate insights to help you step forward. - You will not be pressured into booking anything further. My goal is to help you as best as I can. - All calls are handled in a respectful and confidential manner. 



Working Sessions

TUNING 60 minutes telephone session

Objective: Relieve stress, reduce overwhelm, make sense of what's troubling you and reclaim control of your experience.  

Tone: Therapeutic, conversational and organically paced. 

Primary methodology: Hypnotherapy



COACHING 30 minutes telephone session

Objective: Stop the brain chatter, organize your thoughts, prioritize your efforts and make valuable strides forward.  

Tone: Intentional, structured and paced for achievment.

Primary methodology: Coaching/NLP


MEDITATION Discovery 60 minutes telephone /or video session 

Objective: Take the stress out of starting/keeping a meditation practice. Discover your unique alignment, gain support and build a structure for your individual practice.

Tone: Developmental, conversational, organically paced. 

Primary methodology: Instruction, guidance, encouragment



MEDITATION Refresher 30 minutes telephone /or video session 

Objective: Keep your mind clear, aligned and in an empowered state. Schedule as needed to refresh your clarity, confidence and ease of being.

Tone: Refreshing, guided meditation

Primary methodology: Guidance, Accountability


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT 4 (60 min) Tuning sessions 4 consecutive weeks 

Objective: Build momentum, confidence and ability for creating desired, new patterns of behavior, thinking and identity. Each session builds on your previous progress in this FOUR WEEK program. Together, we'll advance at your pace. 

Recommended for: individuals seeking greater self control. 



COACHING 10 10 (30 min) Coaching Sessions 10 consecutive weeks 

Objective: Keep your thoughts, beliefs and actions aligend for the goal you want to achieve. Each session in this TEN WEEK program will help you stay out of the weeds and directly on your path for achievement. Less time wasted equals more progress made. Let's do this. 

Recommended for: individuals with a definitive goal in mind. 


MEDITATION 4 hours of one on one meditation guidance/support 4 consecutive weeks 

Objective: Take the pressure off. Make it easy to stay in your meditation practice. Instead of telling yourself you "don't have the time" to meditate you'll build it into your schedule and have the personal accountability to follow through. Have a personal meditation coach. You'll receive ongoing guidance, support and enjoy the shared experience. Imagine that.

Recommended for: individuals wanting a better meditation practice.



31 DAY PARTNERSHIP INTENSIVE Every day - contact, coaching, support. 

OBJECTIVE: As an independent thinker/entrepreneur/creative mind you already know how challenging it can be to go it on your own. The 31 Day Partnership Intensive will keep you out of the pitfalls and in a highly productive mindset for achieving your goal/s.

PROCESS: The environment most relevant to your success is the one inside your head. When you partner your vision with consistent guidance, encouragement and accountability you ensure that your mindful environment will remain unfettered and your cellular vibration alert, attentive and actionable. These 31 days will keep you forward thinking and strengthen your innate abilities for living into your personal vision. 

TOOLS: Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation We'll be working DAILY with your mind, body, energy, actions and intentions to effectively guide their relationship to your goals.

INCLUDED: • 10 hours of direct engagement, structured to your individual needs. • Daily text communication - encourangement/support/accountability.

SUGGESTED PLAN OVERVIEW: 2 Tuning Sessions (first week and thrid week) 16 Coaching Sessions (four each week) 4 Meditation Refreshers (one thrity minute session each week) 31 check ins (calls/texts) (every day, unscheduled motivational check ins)

PLEASE NOTE: This program is a full on, support blitz to nurture, encourage and push you to your next level. This is not for everyone. You must be ready, and willing, to step up. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: creatives/entrepreneurs.  

Due to the intensive nature of this program there is limited availability and an acceptance interview is required.





Friendly, informative and helpful.

MEDITATION discovery

MEDITATION refresher




What do you want? What do you need? How can I help?


CREDENTIALS: • Certified, Holistic Health Practitioner • Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist • Certified, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) • Graduate of Emerson College • 20+ years in Private Practice 

TO THE POINT: I’m a non medical health practitioner devoted to helping make life better through inspired, non conventional, holistic channels. I teach people how to better manage their well being by better managing their minds.

 I WORK OFF A VERY SIMPLE PRINCIPLE: "Your brain and body are always working in your favor. Always." - MZ Once you discover the positive intention behind any frustration/discomfort you then have a renewed ability to empower your change.  

MY BACKGROUND: Out of college I was a full time filmmaker/producer/director/go getter. Day to day, week to week, working with, and learning from, some of the top creative minds in the entertainment industry. Hard work, for sure, but always exciting and enjoyable.  

Then, in my late 20’s I lost my mother to breast cancer. Her passing created a deep wound for me and awakened many questions of my own existence. I suddenly had a need for answers to questions I didn't know I had. Over the course of the next several years, I walked a crooked path of curiosity and discovery.  

The result was a true desire for prioritizing joy. And once this door opened, the only thing that felt right was to keep moving forward. The gift hidden in my mother's passing was a freedom to live brighter and more fully. In turn I wanted to become part of the solution for others/anyone struggling, suffering, compromised or confused in their life experience. I wanted to serve as a guide to help others find their way back to alignment and strength.  

My transition from filmmaking to healing work then came quickly. One of the things I’d discovered in the entertainment business was that imagination is a powerful tool for influence. This inspired me. What if we used that influence for HEALING and SELF ADVANCEMENT?  

When you read a book or watch a movie you’re taken into another world. You live, and learn, through the perspectives of other characters. You get to assume their identities. As you do you change your state of mind. In your imagination you can BECOME A NEW PERSON. 

When you choose to explore this work with me you’ll find the journey to be surprisingly joyful. Every step of the way we'll be tapping into your innate resources to help you restore your optimal settings for clarity, confidence and ability. Yes, there will be “work” to do and at times you will feel challenged, but you will always be cared for with kindness, compassion and respect.

When it comes to making life better, there is never time to waste.

I'm eager for us to connect.  

So much joy... Myke Zykoff hhp, ccht.  


  • Hypnotherapy 
  • Coaching 
  • Meditation
  • Consulting
  • Classes/Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements  


  • Phone/Video Sessions
  • Always Confidential 
  • Encouraging
  • Personal
  • Truthful


A single session might be all that you need to break through where you're feeling stuck.

With a little reflection, guidance and support you’ll find your thinking becomes more efficient and your actions more productive. 


Free your self from a repetitive loop of frustration and start showing up more powerfully.


holistic • hypnotherapy • coaching • meditation

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Most of life is outward focused. There is a never ending stream of distractions calling for your attention.

Healing, and personal improvement, requires you turn your energy to focus within.

My work is to help you quickly redirect your focus and guide you back into your optimal alignment for feeling strong, vibrant and productive.  

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The only thing that's missing is a better system for keeping your self aligned.


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