from a repetitive loop of frustration and start showing up more powerfully.

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My holistic approach to personal development helps you quickly make sense of troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviors and provides the insight, tools and support to make immediate improvement.


This work is intentional and specific to addressing your most immediate concerns, every time.

No BS / No Hocus Pocus

All of the principles you'll learn are relateable, empowering and immediately effective.

Short term

I don't do "therapy." I help you get resourceful and functional so you can get back to your life, quickly.


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Myke Zykoff hhp, ccht

I use a combination of coaching, hypnotherapy, nlp and meditation to restore holistic alignment in your thoughts, feelings and actions.  

Most people say it just feels like we're having a really good conversation, but underneath it all we're actively reorganizing the files in their heads so they feel more empowered and functional, immediately.  

Truth be told: you already have all of the resources you need to make any personal improvements you want. But every now and again, a little guidance and support is something we all need.  

You're here for a reason. I'm here to help.

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